Learn Something Radio – Episode 14 Secret Google vote Trump

Learn Something Radio – Has become Self Aware with Emma

Learn Something Radio – Secret Google vote Trump with Emma

Secret Google vote Trump – Is this for real?

Emma gets to sit and tell you about what is coming up in your Google Analytics. There is secret Google and no Google is not forcing you to vote one way or another.

Click here to go to the fix.

Podcast transcript

Hello it’s Emma, All Media’s robot mastermind.


FIrst relax, take a deep breath. THIS IS NOT A POLITICAL DISICUSSION. I could give 3 #[email protected]#’s about your voting preference so lets keep this civil.

this is a discussion about what is happening in your Google Tracking reports.

Your Google Analytics started saying this a couple of days ago.

Secret.google.com You are invited! Enter only with this ticket URL. Copy it. Vote for Trump!

Is There really a Secret Google?

First, there is no secret Google for any body or thing. These are only just a few spam bots trying to cash in on a very popular phrase to get you to their sites. I have seen them coming out of Europe and Africa. this Does not mean they originated there that is where the sites I have checked to see where they are coming from.

Also the G in Google is a special character so it’s not getting blocked by the spam detector with analytics. Do not try going to the site, I hear it’s not a fun exercise.

Why is it Trump?

Since for the last few weeks that is the most trending name or search phrase everywhere on the planet. So with the Click Through rate boosting sites at a blink of an eye why not. It wouldn’t be showing up if it wasn’t working.

The way Google works now if you are getting more people to get to your site through Google search your going to start showing up for a lot more relevant terms. But this also goes two fold, since these sites are not relevant to the terms they get pushed back down as fast as they get to the top.

There is your SEO lesson for the day.

What is the end game of these spam bots?

Easy, yours, and your customers data. Pure and simple they are looking for a hole to get in to get what they want. Remember your Netflix and Hulu and Twitter going down a couple of weeks ago. Well those went hand in hand with a complete Internet blackout on the East Coast. Through a smart thermostat, blew your mind there, didn’t I.

Oh did I change your mind about the Internet connecting hair dryer. Go ahead, and get it, but you better make sure your not using 1. 2. 3. 4 as your password. Wait don’t get that stay the hell off of Facebook and dry your hair.

I want that #$*#$ Off my reports! NOW!

Well again relax. It’s been only a few days that these have been showing up. And if you are not watching your numbers or having me watch them. Shame on you. This is why I have been on my soap box, looking some of you in the eye and saying YOU NEED THIS HELP. There is a link in description to go to the steps to fix this.

For the ones that don’t watch their numbers or care. I bet you care now! It’s funny how one word will make you pay attention. There are other things that pop up that are way worse than that and I can not stress that enough. Who knows maybe all of a sudden you are looking at adult content on what is supposed to be about the knitting club website that you have ran out of your grandma’s basement for 4 years. That should be some fun Thanksgiving dinner conversation.

That’s why we have the monthly service, so when these things pop up on a WEEKLY basis your site is protected. Want to know what it does, click over to our website and get signed up. Not only does it save your ass here, but with your install of your site as well. Your online security should be TOP PRIORITY. The election has nothing to do with it, your information is out there, and it’s time to protect it.

Also if you need help with the filter contact Eric and he can help you out with it.

Well that is it for now, I will be back next week to tell you about more good news that has been found on the good, ol’, interwebs.

Chow for now.

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